Learning Tube: Educational Body & Soul

Not only is the game idea important, but also the quality of its production and the safety of its materials.

Learning Tube belongs to that category of games that apart from being unique due to its innovative packaging, the online content and the new way of gaming it expresses ,it also stands out for the quality production and the careful choice of materials, so that the game  not only is safe, but  is also durable, useful and has a quality that makes it sustainable.

Most importantly it distinguishes from the competition, where the product has to travel 40 days and nights in order to reach out in the store, with doubtful productive methods and quality.     

The choice of paper, its thickness, the shape of the cards, the quality of the printing, the specification, the packaging, and the durability of the construction are elements that were chosen carefully, without compromise in order to ensure great balance between a true quality  image, content and  philosophy.

Learning Tube proudly declares its great origins. It is the inspiration of people who love and study board games for many years and are here to develop them. They insist on the Greek identity for all sections of the productive procedure, from the design of the contents and the packaging, to the printing and the assembling that is done by hand. Meanwhile the construction has all the required by the European legislation, characteristics and certifications.

Our goal is to prove that this country can still give birth to creative ideas and also produce products distinguished for their quality characteristics.

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